11 January, 2007

Family playing

family of 9 playing with parents watching
Family of 9 playing

This is a picture Nancy painted of a family with 9 children playing, while their parents watch. It was painted with watercolor paints on A3 art paper.

03 January, 2007

Busy Street

Here is a picture of a busy street that I painted. After you have veiwed this and any other pictures in my "Gallery" could you please post a comment to tell me how I could improve and how you liked it. You could even give it a rating (eg. **** = 4 stars).

02 January, 2007


Hi! This is my site to put up Photos of all the pictures I draw or Paint. I hope they are enjoyable to you! I will try to post at least 1 a week so keep your eyes open!
Se ya!