07 June, 2007

Parrots playing in the ferns

Here is a photo hot off the press (or the artist's workbench) of three parrots playing in a pile of ferns. The watercolors are very vivid in this painting, and the colors reflect a tropical scene well.

Painted in watercolors on watercolor paper

04 June, 2007

The Courbette - Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider performing "The Courbette"
the courbette, horse and rider performingThe "Courbette"
This is a painting of a horse and rider performing the "Courbette" movement, where "the horse balances on its hindlegs and jumps, keeping its forelegs off the ground, thus it "hops" on its hindlegs" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_dressage). The crowd in the background is simply drawn as a collection of small dots, whereas the horse and rider are painted in more exquisite detail.

Painted in watercolors on watercolor paper

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10 May, 2007

Small pond with reeds and rocks

Painting of a small pond
painting of a small pond with water-lilys, reeds and rock wallPond with rocks and reeds

A painting of a small pond with a rock wall retaining it on one side, and some reeds on the other. Water-Lilys are visible on the surface of the water, and a small bird is perched on the wall.

Painted with watercolors on watercolor paper.

03 May, 2007

The Water Jump

Horse taking "The Water Jump"
horse and rider taking the water jump, where the horse must first leap over a small pool of water before clearing the jump.
Horse taking The water jump

A painting of a horse and rider taking "the water jump" - a jump where the horse must first leap over a small pond before clearing the bar. In the background, the "crowd" is visible, drawn in as many specks of color forming a section of a ring around the jumps.

Painted with with water-colors on watercolor paper

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25 April, 2007

Artist's Impression of a Musical Duet

Musical Duet
artist's impression of a music duet between piano and flute instruments

A painting of a duet between a piano and flute. Painted with watercolors on watercolor paper.
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05 February, 2007


Pond with ducks swimming

This painting is done with watercolours on art paper, along with pencil sketches for some outlines

02 February, 2007


This is a snowy winter scene of bare trees and a brick building. Notice that there is smoke coming from the chimney of the building.

Painted with watercolours on art paper

11 January, 2007

Family playing

family of 9 playing with parents watching
Family of 9 playing

This is a picture Nancy painted of a family with 9 children playing, while their parents watch. It was painted with watercolor paints on A3 art paper.

03 January, 2007

Busy Street

Here is a picture of a busy street that I painted. After you have veiwed this and any other pictures in my "Gallery" could you please post a comment to tell me how I could improve and how you liked it. You could even give it a rating (eg. **** = 4 stars).

02 January, 2007


Hi! This is my site to put up Photos of all the pictures I draw or Paint. I hope they are enjoyable to you! I will try to post at least 1 a week so keep your eyes open!
Se ya!